Movies about casinos

Movies about gambling in the ranking of casinos

Gambling is an extremely salient subject. On the one hand, strongly criticized, on the other hand, addictive and exciting. It is not surprising then that many filmmakers over the last few decades have tried to create images worth remembering. In fact, several productions have been created that may surprise and, above all, appeal to the recipient. Below we present them, including a short description. If, therefore, you are interested in the topic and would like to check this production at home, it is definitely worth paying attention to such ideas. In most cases, these are real blockbusters, often awarded even by Oscars. So do not be afraid of new challenges. Who knows, maybe it will be interesting enough to start a great adventure for the money?

Film productions with gambling subject

  • The Sting (1973): George Roy Hill, as a director, did so well that his production won seven Oscars. This is a not-so-important result that is worth talking about and needs to be talked about. Robert Redford and Paul Newman played outstanding roles here, which is why many websites related to films assess their high level. The film is about two small cheaters who plan to take revenge on the sluggish type who killed their close friend. The fake out of all time, in which playing cards and roulette is the basic form transmitted on the screen. Despite the passage of years, it is still worth coming back to it with great intentions – the acting game draws you from the first minutes.
  • Casino film production (1995): In this case, the director was Martin Scorsese. The fact that the film is worth paying attention to is evidenced by obvious facts. The cast included Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, James Woods and Don Rickles. Each of these characters are great actors. The mafia draws two friends there to serve casinos, which, thanks to them, flourish and lead to enormous wealth. However, when one of your friends gets married with a beautiful stranger, the trouble starts. The main character, As, is an extremely effective and good poker player, just how he can handle the challenges he has been given? Specialists and fans say clearly: this is a movie that needs to be watched more than once, especially when it comes to the themes associated with the casino of those years.
  • Porachunki (1998): The director of this production was Guy Ritchie. The production was appreciated by BAFTA in 1999, where it was rewarded with an audience award. It is a crime comedy in which the main roles were directed to Jason Flemyng and Dexter Fletcher. Interestingly, he also got into the movie … Jason Statham, who seemed to have been old since then. This is an excellent gangster movie that critics have called the best British production of this type of recent decades. The film captivates with freshness, shows the exact ladder of the mafiosi, but also their adventures related to swindles, scams or just playing in casinos. Obligatory position!
  • Gamblers (1998): John Dahl took exceptional actors under his wings and it paid off. Rounders is considered one of the best gaming films, although it’s officially a combination of drama and crime. The first violin was played here by Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Malkovich and Gretchen Mol. The whole shows us the adventure of Mike, a young student who is a sensational poker player. After a severe defeat, he decides to break with the gambling and becomes a truck driver. At the instigation of a friend, however, he returns to playing poker, which costs him a relationship with his partner. However, he does not know that a serious threat connected with the local mafia is at stake.
  • Gambler (2003): Finally, a slightly younger film, which is the work of Richard Kwietniowski. It also belongs to interesting productions, highly appreciated by critics. This is a biographical drama in which Philip Seymour Hoffman won the main role and was supported by Minnie Driver and John Hurt along with several other promising actors. It is a film based on facts that shows one of the biggest swindles in the history of Canadian banking. The main character, played by Hoffman, is a banker who embezzled $ 10 million into gambling. His good fun, of course, did not finish well for him, but the story was so exciting and addictive that it was decided to shoot the movie soon. Was it worth it? Well, box office did not show it.
  • Cooler (2003): Wayne Kramer took on this challenge and was supported by William H. Macy and Alec Baldwin and Maria Bello. The director created a real melodrama with happy ending. However, this is not a trivial movie, but it is composed of many interesting and engaging elements. The main character of this production is the so-called Cooler, a person who brings … bad luck to players sitting at casino tables. Such a profession really existed, but the figure led to madness. The accepted profession and general disaster caused that the hero himself felt extremely depressed. Everything changed when he meets Natalia, his great future love.
  • Joker (2015): Simon West as a director again reached for the services of Jason Statham, whom we have already mentioned to you. Production is a drama, combined with a crime story and an action movie. Nick, a small entrepreneur works as … a person responsible for helping others by screwing in the other side. The story is quite complicated, but ultimately not necessarily positive. Instead of getting rich, the guy loses the money in the casino, which ultimately causes him a lot of trouble. However, when his friend is brutally beaten, he enters the world of mafia and shows the thugs that it is not worth messing with him. There are action, fight scenes, a lot of casinos and beautiful women. The perfect movie for an evening after hard work.
  • Maverick (1994): This time, Richard Donner stood behind the camera, which in itself meant a lot to those who work with him. And they were, among others Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner. The film earned almost 200 million dollars, and the transfer of shares to the wild west turned out to be a hit. The whole revolves around the poker tournament, in which you could win up to half a million dollars. The title Maverick, a crook and adventurer, could not miss such an opportunity. Apart from the leitmotif of the fight for money, the film is an incredible comedy in which some scenes are meant to … bring down the viewer with laughter, which succeeded.

Casino on the big screen

Big Screen Casino For movies to mention, we’ll also include items like Deal, Risk Player, 13, Big City, Stacy Knights, Billionaire or even Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13. Each of these items will undoubtedly turn you heads over, only because of the participation of beautiful women and big money in the game. It should also be remembered that we have not exchanged all items, and some of them still need to be discovered. A popular character, willingly chosen for production with potential scams is also mentioned by us twice Statham. He also hit the title “13”.

Is it worth seeing each of these productions? Definitely yes, although in the first place we advise you to check the description and see what the subject is. Movies about gambling are not only sensations and detective stories, but also romances, excellent comedies and, as you can see, biographical films. Addictive subjects and, admittedly, gambling mainly from the wrong side, we have no doubt that it also has a lot of charm in it, it shows the tricks, possibilities and the whole environment of this world.

In the area of potential film evaluation, we leave it to you in particular. If you value the opinion of other users, such websites as Metacritic, Filmweb and Rotten Tomatoes will be useful. There is nothing to hide that the topic related to gambling, casino games, etc. is very interesting and engaging, so if you only know other remarkable productions, be sure to let us know, we will be happy to see them and we will come back to the issue. And what do you think is the best and why? What do you value in them in particular? Did any of the production even exceed the Sting? Is it even possible?