Withdrawal methods

Payment methods – deposits and withdrawals, limits

It must not be forgotten that the payment methods present in online casinos are not only payments, but also withdrawals.

Here, many players may be surprised or even disappointed, because usually the method of withdrawing from the account is much less than in the case of deposits. This involves several factors, such as casino fees, commission, quality and security, or the availability of forms of cash transfers.

There are some differences between payouts and cash payments.

When it comes to payouts, the biggest difference is temporary. In the case of using deposits from online systems, the money on the casino account can be found in a few minutes. However, in the case of withdrawals, you can not count on such fast transfers. As a rule, payouts are expected from 3 to 5 days, although sometimes the casino or system may wait much longer.

If we choose withdrawal methods from the account, it is necessary to make sure that the data is not associated with the casino fees. It sometimes happens that a credit card or a given online payment system can be charged up to 2.5%. with small payouts, this is not nearly noticeable, but for larger amounts it is always a few euros or bitcoins. Payment methods available in the system, however, are usually not charged with commissions. More often casinos charge commissions for more payouts within a month. For example, the first 3 payments in a month are free, and each subsequent one is an additional percentage deducted from the amount paid.

When choosing payment methods, it is also worth paying attention to monetary limits. Some methods are set by Max and Minimum Mums that can be deposited and withdrawn from the account. As a rule, with deposits it is 10 euros or 0,0016 BTC, and with payments, sometimes it is 15, 20, 30 euros.

Payment methods – bonuses and other information

In some online casinos, it happens that the payment methods are associated with interesting casino bonuses for the player. For example, if we use the form of payment chosen by the casino, the online casino will automatically add 5, 10 or 15% top-up to our account more than we made the deposit. This is a very interesting bonus, because when you pay 100 euros to your account you can always get a few or a dozen in a free and without the need for their special turnover in gambling machines, as often happens with promotions at the start and special bonuses. It is therefore worth to read such information on the website of the online casino.

As for the typical methods of making payments, it will probably be the password of their security. It’s worth adding here that using online deposit and withdrawal methods is a completely safe solution for everyone. Casinos in terms of both transfer and data security have the same as banks or even better security and encryption systems. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about their safety. Nobody but us will have access to our account money, which means we do not have to worry about losing them.

Without a doubt, all methods of making payments at online casinos is a very good and quick solution to start the adventure with the casino. Instead of waiting for the money to be received after many hours, we can use a quick transfer, thanks to which the registration of an online casino account, depositing money and the first bet is a matter of a few or a dozen or so minutes. For this you can also take advantage of attractive bonuses to start the game in casino games for new players in the online casino. It is also worth paying special attention to this at the beginning of the adventure with the casino.